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We are experienced professionals that will provide the Highest Level of Service at the Best Value to our Customer.

Welcome to NuGate Group, LLC


NuGate Group, LLC provides building maintenance services nationwide which include janitorial, landscaping, and pest control services.  Our team of experienced professionals uses state of the art techniques and equipment as we incorporate the use of “Green” products at all of our serviced locations. 

We specialize in hospital aseptic cleaning, office and commercial building cleaning, construction clean-up, and servicing Federal facilities.

NuGate Group, LLC ensures that our staff upholds the highest levels of professionalism and respect for our clients.  We have established a training and education program utilizing Six Sigma Methodologies to ensure that our staff is properly trained.
NuGate Group, LLC believes that a vital component of success is effective communication with our clients.  We understand our customers’ needs and expectations and work diligently to exceed their requirements by delivering quality services 100% of the time.