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Landscaping Services

NuGate Group, LLC offers a complete line of Landscaping services. We customize our services to meet the individual and unique needs of our customers.  Our specialized landscaping services include: 
Mowing & Maintenance
The easiest and most cost-effective way to make your property more appealing is by having routine, professional lawn grooming. Our staff members are highly trained and understand the importance of your project's needs. In addition, we have the resources to handle all your lawn maintenance needs.
Weed Control & Fertilization
Weeds are definitely unsightly, but they are also harmful to your lawn and surrounding areas. They drain your grass and other plants of moisture, nutrients, light and space.
Proper fertilization, mowing and irrigation encourage grass to grow in quickly and prevent weed growth. NuGate will help you develop a total weed treatment and prevention solution.
Lawn aeration allows air, water, and nutrients direct access to the root system.   Not only does lawn aerating give you a better looking lawn, but it also thickens the turf. This promotes deeper root growth by allowing the roots to expand on grow deeper into the soil.
Tree & Shrub Care
The Tree and Shrub Maintainer Care Program consists of:

- Inspection & health evaluation of trees and shrubs

- Insect & Disease treatments

- Fertilization and micronutrient application

NuGate will work with you to implement a tree and shrub care plan with will keep healthy plants thriving year-round and monitor them for signs of insects or disease
Bed Care & Mulching
Mulching is an excellent way to help keep invasive weeds away from your decorative plantings.  It also helps the soil retain moisture and gives the landscape a finished look.  
Lawn thatch is the build-up of excessive material in your lawn that can choke out air, water, and sunlight.  Excessive build up of thatch in your lawn can cause grass to stop growing and even become more prone to insects and lawn diseases. NuGate removes this deadening mass and then we take the necessary steps to beautify your lawn.

We provide a broad range of services for new installations. Our installation services include:

- Top Soil & Grading

- Artificial Lawn

- Irrigation Systems

- Drainage and Retaining Walls

- Lighting and Structural Elements

- Trees and Shrub